Investor FAQs

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions for current shareholders and potential shareholders that should answer any general inquiries you may have.

What are the head office contact details for Data#3 Limited?

Data#3 Brisbane
67 High Street
Toowong QLD 4066

Phone: 1300 23 28 23
Fax:   1300 32 82 32

What is the name and contact details of Data#3's share registrar?

Data#3's share registry is:

Link Market Services Limited
Locked Bag A14
Sydney South  NSW  1235
Telephone: 02 8280 7454
Facsimile: 02 9287 0303

How do I change my address on the share register?

CHESS holders should notify their sponsoring broker in writing of the change of address details. The change will then be electronically communicated to the share registry.

Issuer Sponsored holders should contact our share registry office in writing, giving a full name, Security Reference Number, old/new address details, and a signature. Alternatively you can go to the share registry website.

Who are the auditors for Data#3 Limited

Pitcher Partners
Level 38
Central Plaza One
345 Queen Street

Does the company have a dividend reinvestment plan?

No - the Dividend Reinvestment Plan was suspended in 2006.

How do I consolidate more than one holding?

If you have a CHESS holding and an Issuer Sponsored holding, you should contact your sponsoring broker for advice.

If the names and addresses on more than one shareholding are the same and the holdings are issuer sponsored, then our share registry can consolidate these. The share registry can provide a Consolidation of Shareholdings Form for this purpose.

The form must be signed by all registered holders.

How often does Data#3 report its results and when does this occur?

Data#3's financial year ends on 30 June and year-end financial reports are released before the end of August. The interim result for the six months to 31 December are released before the end of February.

When does Data#3's financial year end?

Data#3's financial year ends 30 June.

How many Data#3 ordinary paid shares have been issued?

153,974,950 ordinary fully paid shares.

How can I buy Data#3 shares?

To buy Data#3 shares, you will need to contact a licensed stockbroker.

What is Data#3 Limited' stock exchange symbol and on what exchange do its shares trade?

Data#3 Limited's shares trade under the symbol DTL on the Australian Stock Exchange - ASX:DTL.

What should I do if my dividend cheque is lost?

You will need to contact our share registry office in writing or by telephone providing details of your share holding and signed by you. The share registry will arrange a stop payment on the original cheque and issue a replacement which will be sent to your registered address. To avoid this situation, you can set up a direct credit of your dividend payments to your bank or other financial institution account. The share registry can provide you with a form for this purpose.

When was Data#3 Limited established and where is it located?

Data#3 Limited's history dates back to 1977 with the establishment of Powell, Clark and Associates, which subsequently led to the formation of Data#3 in 1984.

Additional information is available in the History section of this website.

What is Data#3 Limited's vision?

Our vision is to harness the power of people and technology for a better future.

What is Data#3 Limited's privacy policy?

We have a Privacy Policy which is specific to your use of this website. It includes information on the way we collect, distribute and disclose information. To view our Privacy Policy click here.